About Event Microsites - How They Work

A microsite is simply a small website with around 3 – 8 pages separate from a corporate/company website. It is specific to an event and is a tool used to enable organisers to manage delegates and promote further brand awareness.

Why create a microsite?

  • All the information about your event will be in one easy to access place
  • The site offers an online registration service for your delegates
  • You can specify what information you wish to gather
  • The site is a simple, effective way of managing RSVP’s
  • The site is safe and secure
  • Your microsite can be tailor designed to match your brand guidelines

You specify to us what information you would like to have on the event microsite and what information you would like to gather from delegates who are registering for the event. Usually the event microsite will contain details such as event name, date, timings, dress code, venue information, agenda, registration page and anything else you require.

We then go away and work our magic to create a simple, branded microsite.

Please see a themed example here: www.beyondcertainty.com/party2012

Please see a generic example here: www.beyondcertainty.com/generic

See examples of microsites for more information.

Please note that the lead time for the microsite will depend on the information, layout and design.

Once the microsite is complete we will send you the link to send out to all the specific delegates. The person in charge of the event microsite will be given a username and password for a link to the event microsite (this is usually called back office). Here you will have the ability to see all registrations which are downloadable into Excel format. See Collating Data for more information.

With access to the back office you can log in and out as many times as you like monitoring who has completed the information required. After delegates complete their registration online, they will receive a message on their screen to confirm the registration has been sent.


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